Open letter to Amazon employees, temporary workers and delivery personnel

On this Black Friday weekend, we are taking action to expose the misdeeds of Amazon, the symbol of a world we do not want. We are aware that our actions can generate anxiety, anger and disapproval. Yet we are here to fight with you for a world where Amazon would no longer dictate its law and vision on our common future.

"We are not robots !"

Many Amazon employees in Europe and the United States have rightly exposed the working conditions imposed by Amazon on its employees and we support this fight.

By 2017 Amazon had only 4.7 people for 1 robot, compared to 7.7 in 2015. Amazon’s employees are gradually becoming robot auxiliaries in its new warehouses. Worse still, Amazon sponsors an annual robot competition to replace order pickers, one of the few human resources they still can’t do without.

We also condemn Amazon’s refusal to comply with the collective bargaining agreement on trade and distribution and do not want that in order to obtain or keep a job, the only prospects be ever more degraded working hours, in extreme heat or cold, at paces imposed by scanners, causing work-related diseases, accidents and pushing people who have become increasingly exhausted to quit.

"Amazon must pay !"

Some employees have rightly exposed Amazon’s social policy and we support their fight.
We too condemn the low wages paid by the company run by the richest man in the world, the insecurity of permanent contracts interrupted by burnout or physical incapacity, temporary jobs (green badges) with no future prospects, delivery services provided by uberised delivery workers, without social security, vulnerable to accidents or theft, and whoich will soon face competition from drones ?

We want Amazon to pay its fair share of taxes, since current tax avoidance means that it fails to make the necessary contribution to maintain decent public services and the infrastructure that it uses massively to deliver its products. By artificially reporting its profits in tax havens, Amazon is minimising its profits in France and is using this as an excuse to argue against salary increases or bonus payments.

"Watch and punish"

We do not want your jobs to be under high and constant surveillance, we do not want you to be encouraged to snitch and we do not want unionised employees to be hunted down and push to resign, just as we do not want the facial recognition developed by Amazon to turn us into citizens under control.

"They come and destroy"

For every job created by Jeff Bezos’ firm, two jobs are destroyed in the retail sector. We do not want Amazon to spot the distress of territories plagued by unemployment and set up their warehouses with such precarious jobs, leading inevitably in the long term to the destruction of thousands of local businesses that provide a much larger number of quality jobs and social connections all over France.

Getting a job is an urgent imperative for most of us : so let’s fight together to create activities that are compatible with a decent life on a habitable planet.

This is not the world we want, and we believe that our struggle is also yours.

That’s why we are mobilising on Black Friday.